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Miu Miu is known to be the sister of Prada. The Miu Miu line was opened in 1992 dedicated to your people and teenagers who had a nab for fashion and wanted to have clothes that were branded and of the highest quality. Prada is known for creating new designs and coming up with clothing [...]

Different people wear jewelry for different uses and reasons. The modern jewelry trends may have different meanings and importance compared to the traditional or ancient jewelry. Some modern and old jewelry may, however, have similar importance, meanings and implications to both the wearer and the society at large. The following are some of the major [...]

Summer is the best time for fun and joy. You can do all the things such as shopping, swimming and heading out to beaches. Summer is also the perfect time for young girls to flaunt their sylphlike figures with sex ladies dresses. There are lots of dresses to choose from which is neither limited in [...]

Tiffany & Co jewelry always brings to mind the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The movie and the stars, the glittering jewelry – its an association which forever lingers in the minds of women who vie for a piece of this brand’s jewelry in their lifetime. History The story of Tiffany & Co jewelry begins in [...]

Even the most beautiful women sometimes are not confident in the clothes they wear. Of course, nobody requires us to go out like a model every day. We have our own lifestyles. However, there actually is an area that women will not to save money: their handbags. Luckily, the designers today try their best to [...]

Western region has a further comprehending the bright green. Many centuries before, India’s sacred scriptures Vedic decryption than me proven properties, Bright green should bring the person luck “and” boost the living health, so we can discover why there are several waste gorgeous bvlgari jewelry in India king’s valuable (mineral) debris. In 1695, a huge [...]

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