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Summer is the best time for fun and joy. You can do all the things such as shopping, swimming and heading out to beaches. Summer is also the perfect time for young girls to flaunt their sylphlike figures with sex ladies dresses. There are lots of dresses to choose from which is neither limited in designs nor limited in colors. That is why summer is the favorite season for girls. All sorts of summer dresses offer not only light feel but also attractive looks.

Girls’ summer dresses are big concern of many manufacturers. Those dresses made by famous brands are top quality pieces which are the best choices for beautiful season. They come in different styles, designs, colors and sizes to suit any girl’s taste. The materials are comfortable to wear and prevent heat in hot summer days.

Sundresses are popular choices this summer. These informal dresses are made from lightest fabrics like cotton. It is said that such dress got faddish in the early 1960s and it was introduced by a fashion designer named Lilly Pulitzer. They are preferred by young girls due to their comfortable feel and nice designs. Usually, when wearing sundresses, your shoulders and arms are exposed to the air. Cotton is the preferable material to make summer dresses duo to its specialty. It is light and airy.

Girls’ summer dresses include light blouses, frocks, summer jeans and skirts. Actually all these dresses are fashionable. If you still have no new summer dresses in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for? You can frocks and skirts every summer. So it will never be wrong to store a piece of classic frock or skirt in your wardrobe. Whether it is made of silk, cotton or linen, it will make fashion statement. Besides, big belt worn at waistline is popular as well this season.

Tiffany & Co jewelry always brings to mind the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The movie and the stars, the glittering jewelry – its an association which forever lingers in the minds of women who vie for a piece of this brand’s jewelry in their lifetime.


The story of Tiffany & Co jewelry begins in the year 1837 in New York whereby the company was started as specializing in diamond and silver jewelry. The blue box symbol of the company is a registered trademark and it is strongly associated with the brand.

The jewelry designs of Tiffany & Co jewelry have always revolutionized the jewelry industry. This brand has won some of the highest accolades such as that at the 1878 Paris World Exposition. Jean Schlumberger and Elsa Peretti are the latest creative heads behind the stunning designs of Tiffany & Co jewelry which has again brought this brand in the limelight.

The Tiffany & Co jewelry is only one of the feathers in the cap that this brand dons. From engagement jewelry to watches, accessories and gifts, the brand encompasses a wide variety of luxurious items.

Tiffany & Co jewelry range

The Tiffany & Co jewelry range is exhaustive including all types of jewelry items one can think of. From bracelets, brooches, charms, earrings, necklaces, pendants to wedding bands, alphabets, celebration rings, chains, keys even, the options are endless. One can even choose the price range which starts below $250 to below $1000.

The latest collection of the Elsa Peretti range consists of open bottle pendants in sterling silver which has become popular. Paired wit a single silver chain this is elegant and simple, perfect for everyday wear. There are other designs such as the open heart pendant, the yard necklace with aquamarines and pearls, platinum wedding bands with yellow diamond and so forth

The Tiffany locks is another range of Tiffany & Co jewelry which have a vintage charm of their own. These locks come in various designs and precious metals – from 18k gold to rose gold, sterling silver, platinum with diamond and so forth.

The necklaces and pendants amongst the Tiffany & Co jewelry also consist of similar designs. With slender chains and locks and charms as pendants, you can choose from a variety of precious metals and stones including diamonds.

Bracelets also come in arc link, oval link or round link bracelets with locks in various shapes and materials forming the dainty ornaments around your wrists.

Thus, Tiffany & Co jewelry offers a wide range of jewelry that has simple, contemporary designs of a brand which speaks for itself.





Even the most beautiful women sometimes are not confident in the clothes they wear. Of course, nobody requires us to go out like a model every day. We have our own lifestyles. However, there actually is an area that women will not to save money: their handbags.

Luckily, the designers today try their best to combine fashion, beauty and practicality together in some handbags available in the market. Although a little black clutch goes well with the LBD, everyday used designer handbag also show perfect union of nice design and practicality.

Here are some types of fashionable handbags popular right now.
1 Pouches
Made from stunning leather which was dyed in different situations, these handbags own special and versatile look. They provide enough room to the women who like to put all their belongings in order. Featured with funny buckles and soft leather, they will show your style successfully.

2 shoulder handbags
The designers pay more attention to the practicality of the in-things even in this fashion world. This kind of bag is smaller than luggage pouches, while they offer plenty of room also. Some big brands use the nice leather materials, lovely buckles and latches guarantee the gorgeous look.

3 chain bags
With fabulous chain straps, those standard totes look elegant and classic. They ensure a quite large space to store your important stuff like credit cards.

4 duffels
People who prefer to a smaller handbag than a tote but want enough room to carry things can try this kind of bag. Made use of fine leather, this designer bag is a mini version of the large luggage.

5 sling bags
This kind of bag contributes to a smaller and shining look. Although they don’t offer enough room to carry things, they really add the fashion and sophistication to your outfit.

6 clutches
How to take your plain grow into a high level? The clutch is the best choice. With a high-quality clutch under the arm, you will catch whole attention from all the people around.

The designers know well about the needs of the modern women. They help us to show our personal style. At the same time, they pay attention to the practicality. There is no reason to ignore this chic item.


Many writers will travel cat woman ratio night, the night let them covered mystery, maybe you couldn’t catch her burberry gift box, but you seem to have hangs in the air faint fragrance trace of ask her. She is with Dior Dior midnight the mystery woman exotic perfume.

Dior Dior to design masters in midnight blooms to show our mysterious woman, especially of a burberry prepared the perfume of exotic dream — midnight, this night’s pet, sending out blue and silver light gem bottle, an excellent collection model.

The daughter of 1896, gems, estrada Estelle’s Arpels) (yabao married diamond dealer’s son al Fred Cleef Vatican grams (Alfred Van); The Vatican’s 2-0 for six years, with his wife’s Fred three brothers in Paris fentaine appears Place Vendome square (set) 22 Cleef & Arpels’s first jewelry shops, from now on Arpels opened a Van Cleef & the first chapter of history. Besides France, local market, Van Cleef & Arpels also on international markets is ambitious, from the early twentieth century began to now, continue to tap into multiple world cities, so far amounted to 45 house boutique. Van Cleef & Arpels has become king, the original from jewelry excellent technology, in 1933 original “secret type enchase (Mysterious Setting)”. The technology will Cleef & Arpels jewelry Van make level to its peak, has become an important Arpels Cleef & bvlgari .

The works of yabao Vatican grams of gourmet gem, enchase insist choose technical wonder creation style implicative, bright, novelty, pursuing the perfect not over do one day. In 1930, the Vatican loaded with women’s invention of yabao tenderness BaoXia, this is the 100 the father of modern cosmetic box, especially be registered into patents, trademarks, which can put all sorts of carry-on small, inside enchase scenery, flowers or Chinese art play pattern, the exquisite workmanship can rival the 18th century governor li furniture. Brahman grams another yabao’s famous masterpiece is 1933 invention of “mysterious inlaying”. This technology without any visible claws, enchase effect is concise and pleasing to the eye, can be used for bracelets, flowers or butterfly brooch, rings and other kinds of jewelry. At present, the world can use “mysterious inlaying” this sublime process craftsman no more than six, belong to one grams of yabao. Early on a 1920s; brahman grams of yabao gave wrist watch becomes a “display time jewelry”, China with reality. Old classic also often arouse the design inspiration of yabao Vatican grams, such as 1922 spit jotham ha door Egypt pyramid archaeological excavations unearthed relics, the second empire style, Chinese art play and Japanese art to play. Nature’s feminine beauty state is one source of yabao deduce’s rose, peony, swallow, butterfly, snow, rain, wind gently, lifelike. In addition, brahman grams clingy textile and yet yabao fashion, the precious substance like appears as cloth weaving; Like the metal like fiber, make a seedy twisting, textile design, rope, pendants, flow spike and other adornment sketch; The bvlgari jewellery becomes various ornament; The precious metals are carved into the flower, nets yarn and fishnet design bvlgari jewellery, modelling is perfectly.

Brahman grams is always yabao royal, star of deep love. British the duchess of Windsor jewelry suit, Egypt princess ‘wedding jewelry, Monaco the royal emperor jewelry, Thailand queen’s neck ornaments, Iran’s queen’s crown prince crown and India the necklace, no do not reveal shows grace. Brahman grams as woman’s heart is winning yabao, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia loren, Mr Daly Hepburn, Sharon stone, Julia Roberts, including lost Diana, etc., are its loyal customers.

After recently in Beijing for some international brand bvlgari jewellery runway, Chen hao (blog) recently invited again for its latest appears taiyuan, circular wrist watch China tour exhibition activities platform.

Always stand in the fashion frontier confesses to fashion these opinions, she says: original “fashion is not only confined to the surface, the most important thing is to find beauty has a good eye and experience beautiful heart, fashion should be long, won’t fade.” Say to yourself likes wearing act the role of article, Chen hao said: “watch very practical, already can see time, also can match apparel, is kill two birds with bvlgari jewelry stone.”

Chen hao show wrist watch on at the same time, still wearing the brand “LOVE chain”. Pink bracelets bvlgari jewellery with little green dress, all show quietly elegant is pure and fresh. While “LOVE chain” also led to present the cross-examine, Chen hao laugh reporter said: “this bracelet contracted, generous, I like it very much, more important is, this is the one LOVE bracelet, I bought this bracelet, seller will will be part of payments for public welfare, which I also is the main reason to buy bvlgari jewellery, the hope can will our LOVE to every need help.”

Luxury is what? Wearing Chanel suit, ManoloBlahnik shoes, wear Cartier flybar bvlgari jewellery, hand carry bag, Hermes went Carlton hotel Ritz -… Perhaps this is luxury, but not exactly costly.

“Costly if just blindly pursuit of surface and luxurious, will die.” True luxury, is low-key and luxuriant, is elaborate carve details with time and wisdom, is the essence of extraction. Never make public ground announced loudly “I very expensive”, because, they exist to let a person dazzling itself has, also dare not snub cannot be ignored.

Forbes magazines such as ever published about luxury investigation, fields, from cars to watch from coffee to credit, from underwear to perfume… We finally know, in these seemingly ordinary category, humans do what has perfect.

LAMER “mystery general beautiful myth” — luxury protect skin to taste

If miracles are those bvlgari jewellery that cannot be explained natural law is the special events, so the ocean blue LAMER undoubtedly is a riddle frost on the beautiful miracle.

The father of LAMER is former U.S. space physicist Max dr Robert. A rocket fuel explosion accident made him face serious burns, after countless times medicine all cannot eliminate healed scar. Dr quitting the job, resolutely in your garage started skin care research. After 12 years of more than 6,000 times test, the legendary rich LAMER cream finally was born, it surprised the damaged skin to dr meticulous smooth.

The production process of LAMER full of mysterious: imitate the flashing light and deep sea environment from pollution in particular sonar, the giant algae sea by three to four months of low-temperature fermentation created for LAMER cream, translate the core ingredient – magical active quintessence. Add a variety of natural nourishment composition, main, after by hand stir the first time still tepid state by hand into tailor-made porcelain loading. The whole procedure full of mystery, dr set every detail can’t deleted, otherwise, LAMER cream cannot reach the perfect state.

Until now, people still can’t use logic science to reasonable explanation of the LAMER cream magical effects. But each use across creams face became its best propaganda. After use, bvlgari jewelry can obviously becomes tender skin immediately tight, fine grain to decrease. Deep wrinkles and bulky pore also can easily improved, even the most dry and allergic skin can reply to healthy natural state. Since 1965, this “a bottle of small miracle” created by many prominent skin myth, more loyal to follow and characters added legend, former hewlett-packard CEO carly: Obama on, rick fee Julia Roberts, britney spears, brad Pitt and Jennifer lopez… The diamond for it advocates not dumping a minority.

LAMER have the world’s most expensive creams – 500 ml of LAMER ocean blue with frost, value of RMB riddle $14,000. This special capacity of the cream not regularly in each market set limit to sale. In 2004, two months before entering the Chinese market the first time limit LAMER sold 60 bottles of 500 ml pack noodles frost, unexpectedly in 2 days were ordered out. People are so fanatic follow, because of the LAMER miraculous repair energy, but truly untold experience, you can really see the beautiful myth on how in the real world.

The ultimate goal of the BENTLY “life” — luxury car

In 1919 the first car in the UK since birth BENTLY, as “the world’s most top sports limousine” BENTLY, has become a luxury and performance will be pushed to the top while the vehicle is the exalted with extraordinary strength sublimates.

BENTLY production workshop of the world’s most slow lines: the body on the line every minute move only 6 inches. Inside, the special cowhide skinned choose professional craftsman handiwork tailor; Even engine assembly entirely by hand.

So far, each year in global BENTLY set limit to produces less than 2,000 vehicles. For owners were speaking, BENTLY had not transport, more like a paragraph of wearing bvlgari jewelry with. The queen of England to reign in their 50th anniversary with new BENTLY, designated as she replaced laosilaisi, attended the celebration in imperial seat.

Western region has a further comprehending the bright green. Many centuries before, India’s sacred scriptures Vedic decryption than me proven properties, Bright green should bring the person luck “and” boost the living health, so we can discover why there are several waste gorgeous bvlgari jewelry in India king’s valuable (mineral) debris. In 1695, a huge Normally with a weight of gem is discovered, 217.80 carat, about 12 centimeters large. The reds was etched with prayers and the other side with impressive floral grades. In June mid 2001, the famous bright green was bought by mysterious buyer with only two.only two billion us dollars london Christie’s sell.

Respected bright green from thousands of years ago, essentially the most popular normally is trapped in a art gallery. Ny art bvlgari jewellery of pure history has shown a genuine bright green cup is associated with bvlgari jewelry emperor of India. Patricia, the globe’s major Colombia first mountain normally with a weight of 632 carat. Bogota financial institution also records your five important first gemstone, pounds amongst 230 to 1796 carats, and these vibrant normally participate in Iran and they are dealt with as a significant part from the Treasury, but it used embellish the queen’s top.

Based on files, Iran’s royal has got the globe’s major bright green gifts, and possesses a large number of waste multi-colored, gorgeous, and more than fifty carats normally. A Pahlavi top has 250 carats, 29 carats and three or more waste age 14 carats normally lovely colouring. Inside throne placed have 21 years old waste weighty thirty five to 95 carats, some waste weighty 250 to one hundred seventy carats as well as a about 225 carat bvlgari jewelry, thus Iran pleasures bright green like a prize royal.

The real pearl emanates from mother nature and also the rounded form of them presents the brand new couples’ permanently like, wedding brides dressed in genuine tahitian in their own marriage ceremony always has far reaching and clean emotion.

MIKIMOTO Dewy Eve number of 18k american platinum eagle precious stone ring finger wedding ring, which is made from Japanese Akoya genuine tahitian and pieces an important drinking water shed formed precious stone, the commendable and good system uncovers a unique art ongoing allure on this Art Deco which allures people today a great deal.

Massive and chubby white colored genuine tahitian indicates a sophisticated and common disopistion, exceptional design and style that pieces ruddyes comes with a ancient stunning bvlgari jewellery which is suit for all wedding brides they like the classic modren salad dressing kinds,only had been a guy, I most certainly will use a trong emotion that hungs this young lady during my provide, remaining cozy and exciting, it’s so very hot a design and style.

Extravagance significant genuine tahitian are between tiny but sophisticated expensive diamonds, brilliant and sparkle flashing lights the rounded persona of the tahitian which may be treated like a floral marriage ceremony jewellery.

It is advisable to complement tahitian with silver precious stone, the advantage of this bvlgari jewellery may go above our thouht and atyay a enlightening condotion, the white colored tahitian atcht placed to the silver ring finger wedding ring are good. Gold tahitian can set off additional nole emotion to wedding brides, it wil produce yet another emotion.

Every item of genuine pearl on the globe is unique one particular, and they’re sophisticated as comparable to its users, marriage ceremony pearl engagement rings are usually rich in bvlgari jewellery ongoing allure. I will be wanting to don marriage ceremony pearl ring finger engagement rings.

FURLA was established in 1927.Mr. Furlanetto, the founder of the company’s was doing leather accessories business earlier. In 1980, FURLA brand officially founded. Now FURLA has become one of the most successful brands in the leather industry in Europe even round the world. FURLA is known for women’s handbags and leather products of good quality. The gentle and elegant design features have been welcomed by women. Besides, other fine products including wallets, watches, and jewelry are all collecting goals for ladies.

The unique personality of FURLA reflected in its rich color and style. There is no exaggeration of the trademark. FURLA show ladies’ youth, lively performance, and self-confidence with clear lines and subtle color. FURLA focus on the details of the style, The Target customers of FURLA is ladies from more than 20 years old to some more mature professional women. They are in need of products of good quality as well as personalized.

The spring and summer handbag collection 2011 from FURLA is more attractive for its clear lines and simple shapes. This collection of handbags is focus on the proportions and functionality. It shows an original idea of concoction of bright colors in the design.

The new collection joins the most modern trends and styles to meet different needs. For those who are interested in traditional styles, this spring and summer handbag collection provides classic leather business bags. You can choose from many colors and styles.

A good designed handbag will do much help stylish woman look elegant and unique. The new collection of FURLA handbag is of fresh colors which are suitable for spring and summer. There surely have a wonderful bag that meets your request. Choose the one and to be a fashion lady.

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